Mastering knowledge and technologies to develop the energy and industry sector and support the national effort to build an industrial country.


1- Highlight Algeria’s strategic and significant role in the global energy industry.

2- Support the efforts of the State to build an industrial society that produces wealth and jobs.

3- Constitution of a national platform bringing together all the players, including researchers and industrialists, from energy and industry.

4- Establish a global and national strategic program for industrialization and energy in the medium and long term.

5- Propose scientific and technical solutions for developing the industrial and energy sectors and the transition.

  – Accompany individuals and institutions in the context of global sustainable development.

6- To accompany investments and governance by providing (advice, experience, studies, preparation of agreements and specifications, …) to the technological development of the energy and industry sector.

7- Valuing scientific achievements of a socio-economic nature and directing them towards national needs.

8- Support for small and medium-sized businesses and emerging start-ups specializing in industry and energy.

9- Coordinate and work with all sectors related to the industrial and energy sectors.

Organizational chart:

– President of the Algerian Forum for Energy and Industry

– Council of Experts of the Algerian Energy and Industry Forum

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